Tropical Paradise Package

The Best Deal in the Business

The Tropical Paradise Package is a complete install of a brand new A/C unit that includes all labor and materials as listed below as well as 10 year parts, 10 year compressor and a 10 year labor warranty. That’s right, TEN YEARS with no worries and guaranteed service. We take pride in providing the highest industry standards and know you will appreciate that dedication to excellence. Take a ten year vacation with your friends at Tropical.
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Your new unit

Your new unit is an efficient 14 SEER 4 ton Bryant Heat Pump System. This unit performs trustworthily and quietly all season long, cooling your home during the Summer, then reversing to counteract the cold with low-cost electric heat. As a result you will enjoy comfort and savings all year long!

New electrical whip and fused disconnect

Not only does a new fused disconnect look great alongside your new system, it also serves as the first line of defense should an electrical issue arise. The fuses in the disconnect will blow and shut the equipment off automatically. To restore power, the issue must first be rectified and then the fuse in the disconnect must be completely replaced. This allows for an additional line of defense before the main circuit breaker.

SS2 Safe-T-Switch

When your system is cooling it is creating condensation. All units are designed with a primary and secondary drain. The primary drain is to allow for this condensate to properly flow to the outside of the home. This primary line can become blocked over time, when this happens the Safe-T-Switch SS2 detects the clogged A/C condensate drain and shuts off the system. This eliminates any concerns of water damage!

New Return & Supply Plenums

These are the two boxes that connect on both ends of the unit. Most new equipment is larger than the one it’s replacing, because of this new plenums will be installed. When old unmatched plenums are added to new equipment it can cause higher static pressures, the access pressure creates excessive stress on the indoor blower motor which then leads to early failure.

Hard Start Kit

A hard start kit, also known as a compressor saver, is installed inside the condenser in line with the compressor electrical. A hard start kit helps your AC compressor start up to 10 times faster and more efficiently. With the quick boost from the hard start, your compressor has less strain and saves you energy!

Perform All Proper Install Procedures

Once the old equipment has been removed and line sets flushed, the new hangers and plenums will be installed. With the unit leveled, all electrical components and duct work can be properly connected and sealed. The system will be brazed, pressure tested, and placed on a vacuum to generate negative pressure and remove any leftover moisture.  Once all components are completed, the refrigerant will be released and system tested. And when all of the calibrations are completed it’s time to enjoy your new system!

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