Tropical Breeze Clean

Dust and mold could be costing you money!

Is your AC unit running at maximum efficiency? Is it working at all? Many people jump to conclusions when it comes to AC units because they simply don’t know enough about them. We get it, life is busy and we don’t expect everyone to be experts at everything! But too many people waste money on new units or expensive repairs when the problem could be as simple as dust and mold.

Why is it important to have a clean unit?

When your Air Conditioner has dirty condenser coils, a grimy indoor cabinet, or a dust-filled motor, you’ll experience quite a few drawbacks. First off, your home simply won’t cool properly; which can become a nightmare when you’re up against triple digits here in Arizona. Dirt on your condenser coils prevents heat from being adequately pushed out of your home by acting as a barrier between the refrigerant and the air around it. Second off, mold can grow in and around your AC unit, causing the air it cycles through to stink and spread spores throughout the rest of your home. Thirdly, if your unit becomes dirty enough it can stop functioning completely, which causes many homeowners to throw in the towel and get a completely new system. Cleaning an AC unit extends the life of the unit, ensures constant and efficient airflow, and even helps to lower your electric bill!


What does the Tropical Breeze Clean include?

We will clean the indoor cabinet, condenser coils, and the motor to assure that your unit is operating at maximum energy efficiency and cooling power. -We will remove and take preventative measures against the growth of bothersome mold spores. -We will equip your unit with odor-block technology to rid your home of the constant headache of Dirty Sock Syndrome and leave you at ease with regards to any future stenches